with bennett out of commission, last week jeff and i did a lot of driving.
i was reminded how glorious an evening drive can be.
 someone turned my chalkboard into a board of lies!

trying a new yogurt shop.
enjoying all the rain... never realized sc mushrooms came in so many varieties.
kittyboy, working his cute factor.
bisquick's gf pancake mix is a lot of bang for the buck! 
a wild and crazy shopping spree... the window kind.
a year's worth of hard drives... 
seriously, i back pictures up way too much. 
one session: three different hard drives, a disc and two years of online storage.
it's an ocd thing.

this week i am trying to tame my wild eating ways... summer and ice cream always take a toll. i try to run everyday (except saturdays) so happy i love it or i would be a train wreck with as much sugar as i can consume. this week i took a suggestion from my sister to increase weight loss. 

i've been running intervals. 

holy cow, i can see why. 
jog - run - sprint - jog - sprint - run - sprint - run... die.  
for six miles.
so if you pass me and i'm running so fast i'm a passing blur...
 don't be impressed, it's only an interval and i will be collapsing soon!

my kids love asparagus more than french fries.
try wrapping those babies in roast beef... they rarely make it to the dinner table.
honey always hooks me up with the crem de la crem gluten free flour.
and now they have a cake mix. 
and it's sitting at honey's waiting to be baked into something fabulous! in october.
mary claire and i are jumping for joy!
our first trip to trader joe's
my handsome boy
score with the unicorn jammies!
swagger of a feline...
it's turning out to be a great week. 
my boy is on the mend!

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