instagram lately & a little pintrest

'lately' as in forever ago! 
i'm pretty awful when it comes to dumping pictures off of my phone.

thank you to ms. carolyn for the wonderful gf pancake mix.
such a sweet and thoughtful gift!
it was out. of. this. world!
a few from camp honey in the tennessee mountains

(the basket of clothes? that's how my son packed for the trip. the clothes were dirty!)
waking up from having his wisdom teeth pulled

"i will get caught up on laundry... i will get caught up!"
(it will never happen, i'm so lying to myself!)

i texted my husband this picture of bennett... i loved his comment.
"it has happened. he has finally turned into a g.i. joe action figure"

so the next set isn't from  my phone... they are all from pintrest.
the site i try to avoid for the fear of losing my mind...
 but i needed a few fresh ideas for decorating with photographs.

i think i have decided to do something like this...

 i really loved this!
a guide to organizing the perfect sizes!

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