littles at the lake

last sunday, right after church, family and the fried chicken... 
we packed the cooler and headed to the lake.
the big kids were at an olympic sunday school pool party, so it was just our little...
and her precious friend goldie (aka gogo)
 these two have been friends since the diaper days. 

i remember like it was yesterday these two playing on the swings (in diapers), bare feet, einstein hair and ice pops in each hand.
back in the day, we were neighbors and their playtime was unlimited.
but changes happen and sadly they do not see each other nearly enough...
 but when they do... buckle your seatbelt!
two chiefs, two peas... in a pod!

so a day at the lake with gogo is absolute perfection for mary claire.
swimming, tubing, laughing...they had so much fun.
SO much fun!
 jeff pulled these girlies,
 in that tube,
 for what seemed like forever.
forever as in 45 solid minutes

 then another 30 minutes
 hanging onto a tube for 15 minutes will leave you feeling like a rubber band.
could these ladies be future olympic tubers?

gogo wanting to go faster, faster, faster!
speeding along, jeff spotted a bald eagle (about 200 yards above.) 
i aimed my camera, super zoomed, hands bouncing,  focal points who knows where 
and snapped one shot.
how this picture is in focus is mind boggling. 
i would love to credit my mad camera skills ;)
 but this shot was a little luck and a little nikon technology :)
 then we tubed some more...

 then we took a mandatory break.
 before their arms fell off.
we made some new friends...
 ate a few snacks...

 and tubed some more...
these girls are tubing beasts!

the mom and the dad finally tired out...
and we called it a day.
these ladies begged all the way home for a repeat this sunday afternoon...

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