melting away

summer is melting away fast. 
as in we only have a few days left.
 it's hard for me to believe another summer has come and gone. 
melted way before i even knew it.
 i did take a lot of pictures this summer.
 as in thousands.
these pIctures  will refresh my memory as time passes and our kids keep growing.
i love looking back and remembering these moments frozen in time.
the sights, the emotion, the smells...
it's a wonderful thing how pictures can flood your mind with all these things.
but more than photographs, 
it's the moments stuck in our hearts and mind that will never melt away.  

happy very end of the summer.

Cheryl said...

I hate that summer is almost over.
I love how you capture the twinkle in your daughters eyes!!! They are so beautiful.

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