{our weekend}

was it a busy weekend for you? because it was a busy weekend for me. it felt as if an activity was crammed into every minute of every hour. monday morning, i am happy to see you! (and bradley cooper on live with kelly)

it began with bennett still suffering with two infected wisdom teeth. this has been a frightful experience and i am ready to put in the past. i'll spare the gory details, but it required additional surgery and two rounds of iv antibiotics. saturday night he was on the verge of being admitted to the hospital. monday morning and praise God, he is finally starting to turn the corner.
friday night kicked off the school football season! woo-hoo. the weather even had a nip in the air, making everyone a little giddy for the arrival of fall!

jeff and i sat in our usual seats and caught a glimpse of mary claire every hour. 
a sad post  is soon to come... one of mary claire's best friends will be moving to hawaii in december. they walked around hand in hand all night :(

anna katherine... she was there. i confirmed it ;) but we never once saw her.  
could it be we are starting to embarrass her? naahh!

it was a great game! the nail-biting kind i love to watch! 
 tied in the fourth quarter with less than 4 minutes to go.
the chit chat stopped, everyone turned their full focus to the game, the crowd was going nuts...

the team said a little prayer...

then the craziest thing happened.
 we lost.
crazy right? ;)
something this team doesn't experience often.

i'm a firm believer that great lessons can be learned from losing.

saturday (at the swim meet) i was talking to my fellow timer about the game? i comment, "wasn't that a great game." {insert his look of shock} uuhh, he reminded me we lost. yes, but it was a great game.

  watching high school boys play their hearts out, good sportsmanship and keeping the crowd on the edge of their seat... to me, that's the markings of a great game!

saturday morning, bright and early, it was off to a swim meet.
 i drove the bus.

my kids love the bus rides. 
there were two buses... as different as night and day.
this is how i think they are divided up. 

swimmers who need to sleep and read and act civilized, please board bus one. insert your ear buds.

swimmers who have received their morning injection of caffeine and sugar please board bus two. swimmers please make sure mrs. graves is driving bus two. insert a straw in your monster energy drink for safety.

 i smile because somehow i always end up driving the party on four wheels!
 i'm starting to realize this coincidence might have something to do with my middle child.

i  used my teacher voice many, many times!

our coach grabbed a quick nap amongst the madness. ;)

on the topic of winning and losing, another crazy thing happened... our girl swimmers placed second out of six schools. i don't pay too much attention to the overall win. the game of numbers makes it very hard for small teams to win. we're a small team, so this was fantastic.

 believe me, kids from bus one were sugaring themselves up and pouring into bus two. it was a celebration the entire two hours home...

 it was a sunday school send off at church. i sure loved this little group. my next group includes mary claire!  a slap on the wrist for me... i rarely have my 'real' camera with me anymore. relying on my phone more and more. my fellow teacher used her nikon... i used my phone.

and this monday morning and i am fastening the hatches, readying myself for the stomach bug. during a session sunday afternoon... i was 'overly' exposed to the bug. yeah, it was bad. reallllyyy bad. hopefully the bath in the mcdonald's sink and 20 antibacterial wipes did the trick... we shall see. 

i did get a super funny photo bomb...
i need this gal's iPod play list. i bet it could put some pep in my a.m. step!

leaving on a somber note. two horrible accidents happened over the weekend. they have the world of photographers buzzing with sadness. tragic!

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