through the locks

summer is fading fast... sniff-sniff.
our bucket list still has several unfinished adventures, some that may have to remain unchecked...
over the weekend, we were able to check off one biggie. well, half of one biggie. we have always wanted to travel to charleston by boat. we decided since we had no idea where we were going and that chart plotter still $800 away, plus knowing it was a long ride, we would make the trip in baby steps. so this weekend, we traveled across the lakes of santee, through the locks and into the ashley cooper river... about a five hour, one way adventure.
it was so much fun!

at first, we were very scepticle. we launced our boat from a very... and i mean very sketch landing. 
to give an idea of the sketch level, there were deliverance people and chickens running around everywhere. well the people were not running, but watching us 'city folk' very carefully.  the ramp was steep, smelly and we had to climb a make shift ladder down the shaky dock into the boat... all while practicing a level ten amount of patience because we were being watched... the entire time.

then into the lake... the look on anna katherine's face sums it up. 
oh no!

the first lake was filled with stumps and dead fish. (i must google and find out the deal with all the dead fish) there were markers of 'boat death' everywhere.
the boat was quiet.
then we turned the corner... and wanted to break out in song...
we are good sandlappers, 
yes we're good sandlappers and we're very proud to say....
that we live. that we live in the very finest state in the u.s.a."
if you are from south carolina and around my age... you know the song.
i love my state and this beauty was breath taking. 
i was waiting for rudy manke to pop out at any minute.
the rest of the day way so much fun!
so much fun!

we made it to the locks in under three hours due to the weather.
it was a little spooky, but a cool experience.

the locks opened wide...
and the beauty kicked up several notches!

the abby at monks corner...

then back through the locks, we were the only ones inside this time.
really kind of spooky!
we loaded up... 
the crowd had grown.
 i'm always amazed at our patience level when we have an audience:)
more dead fish???? 

it was such a fun day. 
if all the stars align, we will be making the full weekend trip in august...
Brantley said...

I too am a proud sandlapper, and I love that part of our state! Glad y'all had fun, knew you would! I hope the stars align because the full trip is awesome!
PS I guess all the boat landings around Santee are like that?!? you see how easy it is to mess up your boat on the stumps!!

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