so nervous!

I love Hallmark’s slogan,
“Life is a Special Occasion.”

we are attempting to make our last summer weekend 'a special occasion.' 
for sure it will be an occasion to remember, hopefully for all the right reasons :) 
we have mustered up the courage to make our overnight trip to charleston via boat
 i have been bugging my two friends tara and brantley to death. 
they have made the trip, returned in one piece and are still happily married... 
so i am filled with questions. 
because i am very nervous! 
 nervous about arriving in a city, no car, traveling beside gigantic cargo ships from china, docking the boat, walking to the hotel,  locking everything up, alligators, storms, the sun, packing enough food, eating along the way... and my husband not loosing his mind. because he is a safety freak and anything remotely unsafe will send him right over the edge of that boat... into the water with alligators. or in the path of a huge ships.

oh and brain attacking amoebas. 
forgot to worry about those.
such a tragic story.

aaahhhh... deep breath.
because my kids are begging to go and it will be insanely fun if all goes well.
saying my prayers this will be a 'happy' special occasion!

oh and stumps that fill the lakes... forgot about those too!
marlowe said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun!

And it sounds like you've had a little too much shark week :)

Ashley Turner said...

We made this trip last month and had so much fun!

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