what's up with us?

what's up with us except watching every episode of shark week, twice?
 according to my iphone, a lot of randomness.
i had a chance to tag along with my favorite person on a quick business trip.
man how i love a get-away with my sweet heart!  
we stayed at the grove park inn... hidden in the hills of asheville nc. 
crazy thing; the weather had us thinking fall thoughts.

it was so nice lounging around in my fancy robe, reading, napping, eating...
asheville is an earthy/artsy kind of town. gluten free everything is everywhere.
 so i ate. 
a lot!
we did get a little wild and crazy... at the book store :)

our first school swim meet was saturday... 
have i mentioned how much i love a good competitive, nail biting swim meet?
 well, i love 'em.
 a little braggy bragging... my big kids qualified for state at the first meet!
we have one weekend off (the one coming up) 
and then it's saturday meets until mid-october  :)

  • my sweet lilly white husband.
  • mary claire discovers spitballs. a short lived discovery. gross!
  • the nastiest food i have eaten in like forever. gritty, sandy shrimp. the potatoes and asparagus i'm sure were boiled in river water. gag!

  • gogo time. thank you ms. amy for the buckets of goodies. you sure spoil my kids!
  • midnight and my sweet kittyboy is waiting for me to come home. probably because someone forgot to feed him. 

  • lake time. shopping time. 
  • every time i rent a $1 redbox movie, their stock soars. redbox is guaranteed to quadruple their $$ on my late fees.

  • my sister is completely moved! the last thing to go was the swing set.
  • watermelon salad. have you tried it? how can all those random ingredients be mind blowing good!?
  • lights out at the Y
  • basil. i heart you a million times over!
  • love strawberry shortcake coffee. so good.
  • mary claire trying to teach junebug to ride in her basket. isn't happening. ever.

  • mary claire and liza are pen pals. yea for snail mail!
  • jeff buys roger a set of tractors and misses having a little boy.
  • mary claire wonders why mr. kfc wears a ribbon in his beard.
  • i had a case of the wants. i wanted a keurig. until i tried one and ran the numbers.  $1 for a tiny cup. i drink half a pot every morning. no thanks.

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