bah humbug

labor day usually means two things:
a day off and the end of summer.
i didn't take the day off and as much as i love fall, i am not ready to declare summer's end.
bah-humbug, again!
it's still 150 degrees here in the south... fall is taking it's sweet time!

part two of our (sunday) labor day at the lake.
more sweating, tubing and hanging out...
and plugging my ears every time jeff mentioned 'winterizing the boat.' 
don't be a hater!
despite a few looks of terror, the girls couldn't get enough of the tube.
i have video to prove we were not torturing mary claire.

baby evie... how can we leave out this angel?

speaking of hotness...
ladies, buckle your seat belts and turn your air conditioner on high... 
prepare for my husband's hotness...

smoking hot...
eat your hearts out ;)
another hottie... my brother in law.
so many people are surprised that i have such a sweet sister. so many more people are surprised my brother in law has such a sweet sister. 

so it might be the un-official end of summer , 
but we are still clinging to the official hot 3 weeks left!

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