caramel in a can (repost)

good sunday afternoon. this is a repost of the caramel in can recipe compliments of yummy in your tummy. my mom has been sending huge bags of fresh mountain apples and my family has indulged in quite a few cans this week

it is so delicious.

recipe here

on a funny note... some where along the way, this recipe got pinned to pinterest. i get emails and comments almost daily. most of them kind, a few of them crazy or mean spirited. and thanks to comment moderation, i  have the option to publish or not. the mean comments accuse me of poisoning my family with bpa (we aren't living on the stuff) or putting my family at risk of fire for cooking cans with paper still in tact (recipe states  'take off label.' plus, it's submerged in water :) one lady, who called herself anonymous, went on rant about how crazy some comments were. little did she know, i didn't publish the really outrageous ones. it has made me understand one thing... when you read an instruction manuel and it is crazy detailed, like;  "step one: open the plastic"  it's because thousands of un-like minded people may read them. 
Jessica said...

I just stopped by because I was curious to find a bit more information on the "condensed milk" caramel. Thanks for the original post, its VERY helpful. And thank you for this post, I found it rather funny, it made me chuckle out loud!

Mandy White said...

I tried this out the other day and I was pleasantly surprised that it actually worked ;) Not that I doubted it would. My kids and husband all enjoyed the taste. Now I am searching for caramel recipes so I can do this more often. Thanks for sharing!

nd said...

Curious if you have ever tried multiple cans at a time. With Holiday gatherings coming up it might come in handy to have a lot of caramel. :)

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