don't eat the bacon!

we bid farewell to out pet box turtle, oliver. he she was our pet for less than a week. (can i have a told you so?) the gulit became too much for one of my daughters bear.  see, oliver was a girl and girls have responsibilities :)

what if she is a mommy and her babies need her? imagine crying baby turtles. what if her turtle family is looking for her? her picture plastered on every lilly pad in the boykin pond. what if she's home sick? really? a rubbermaid verses a breathtaking pond. not a chance.

so we mom loaded her up. my girls refused to touch her, she was scary and hissed. mary claire strapped her in and we drove oliver home. like the article suggested, to the spot we found trapped her. if not returned to the vicinity, turtles can spend their life time trying to return home.

we made the quick trip to the beautiful town of boykin.

"i bet oliver will have some wild stories to tell her turtle friends."

at first, she was disoriented. 
like waking up from a bad dream or an awful trip from a slice of bacon.
it took a solid minute for her to move
then she made a run for it.

and just like that, this turtle was once again queen of her pond.

she gave us one last look...
maybe saying thank you. 
maybe mouthing profanity.
we will never know.

then she swam off. 
it was such a sweet sight, her leaving a turtle trail.

her obligation was to warn all of her turtle buddies to...
  not eat the bacon! 
it has hallucinogenic effects.

we left her right here. 
happy as a turtle in the sunshine.
(and thankful pet turtles were checked off the bucket list of life)

The 1st of May said...

I can tell that turtle is a bad a**...He DEFINITELY has a potty mouth! :)

Heidi said...

Sally... you pegged him right!

Anonymous said...

That's a box turtle. Box turtles aren't aquatic. They may get in water occasionally but they're land lovers.

brantley said...

Oh how funny! "Olivia" maybe?

Anonymous said...

Years ago I saw a snapping turtle in the road at a busy intersection at the edge of town. NO woods or water nearby. I "rescued" him, taking him to my land in the country and set him free by the creek. Last I saw him he was walking across my yard, back towards town. I wondered if he was thinking "lady, I was 20 feet from where I was going and now I'm 20 miles. Thanks for nothing"

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