green hill farm

it has taken me forever to post pictures from our best, best mountain adventure! in fact i am adding a read more click because the post is so photo heavy.

the reason for my delay was the fact i have a few hundred pictures from this day. weeding through them was painful, because our surroundings were glorious and hosts were so gracious! 
we visited our family on my mother's side.
 some of the sweetest people EVER! 
they still live in the small mountain town my mother grew up in.

 patty's house was chocked full of memories.
i wish i had photographed every room!
our hosts went so out of their way to make our visit the best.
and we were so appreciative!
the girls (especially mary claire and Sarah anne) were thrilled to pieces with all the friendly animals.
 even begging to keep their family pets.
it took a minute to soak in the breathtaking beauty of these hills.

then we started with a hay ride.
uncle dennis was the best tour guide!

bennett... it was a question or fact a minute.

 and the cows.
 i really wanted a post dedicated to theses incredible guys. 
i have plans to enlarge a cow picture for my house.
 i have, oh bout a hundred to pick from :)

roger, always, i mean always has tractors on the brain! 
seeing and hearing this tractor was almost too much for him to bear...
 from the 'backseat.'
he wanted to be up front, driving this piece of machinery.

this little guy reminds me so much of bennett at this age!
is there any southern man who can resist a cute little boy begging to drive his tractor?
he sat on jan's lap and went into a trance.
 we reached the highest point.
to God be the glory!

we ended the ride with roger still behind the wheel.
he talked about this tractor ride all the way home.

 next we visited their dairy farm. 
 the surroundings were so beautiful, my camera and i struggled to take it all in. resulting in a 16gb card that was overflowing!

the morgan sons (all proud graduates from the university of tennessee)  treated our girls to a bear back horse ride. 
no saddle, how cool is that! 
they sure thought so!

 a little apology to the morgans for traumatizing their cats.
they were so friendly.
we sure did enjoy them... a lot more than they enjoyed us :)

 love these sweet people!
we loved explaining to the girls that patty was honey's cousin... 
just like you guys are cousins.

 then it was off to my grandfather's home farm, the place where he grew up. 
my granddad passed away when bennett was three years old.
 and i tear up just thinking about this sweet, kind hearted man. 
my granddad's brother arvin still lives here... and looks so much like him.

 bennett is in love with family genealogy... 

 and dennis grows some of the best tomatoes!
i had his one of a kind tomatoes on my mind :)

 all the way home, we talked and talked and talked about what a wonderful, fabulous time we had.
it was the favorite.
thank you alma, dennis , patty, jan and family!

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