homecomins is the week when the 'fun at school' is pushed to the extreme limits! the week is full of spirit days, dress up fun, extreme school colors, custom t-shirts, after school float building parties, topped off with a police escorted parade around the community. the high school is decorated with the likes of a broadway production. 

oh, and a football game! 
with balloons, reunions, tailgates, fireworks, beauty queens, body paint... 
 an amazing amount of school spirit!
bennett and one of his best friends are dressed identical!

and what happens when you paint yourself baron blue on a hot night? 
then run wild like a maniac?
you turn purple :)

but still in the mood for a gun show :)

 a little video from our ride home...

saturday morning, after a late-late night... 
we pulled out of our driveway at 4:30am
for a swim meet in hilton head. 

i forgot my wallet, so we will make the trip on the $24 i had in my purse :/ too early to function properly!
then a late wedding for me in columbia.
busy is good :)
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