the cycle

last night was a scheduled 'date night' with my august heat ;)
 dinner, maybe a movie, book store, new tennis shoes... wild and crazy.
last night the girls tagged along.
we love their company.
well, usually.

 last night my two charming birds drove us bananas.
imagine riding, dining and shopping with two woodpeckers wired to your head.
pecking away. 
drawing blood and appearing to enjoy it.

they did this by asking us for everything
can i have this? can i get that? 
over, and over and over and over and over.
over, and over and over and over and over.
over, and over and over and over and over.
over, and over and over and over and over.
when they ran out of clothes and toys to beg for
they started begging for a turtle at the pet store. 
really? a turtle?
 they run free and wild around our house. catch one.

like an addictive drug... they felt the need for something
anything. a hit of some kind.
they were in the early stages of the DT's.

my woodpeckers were relentless.
finally plucking at my eyeballs.
 we made a no question  rule. 
for the rest of the night. do not ask us anything unless it is, 
"what can i do for you mother or father?"
hold all questions until in the morning.

so imagine trying to hold a wild woodpecker's beak closed.
it was exhausting and almost impossible.

jeff suggested we buy an air horn and sound it every time they asked for something.
but we would have needed a minimum of a dozen horns.

i am accepting partial blame. 
see my kids  ask and ask and ask, and tiring of saying “no” all the time,i relent.
 i give in, (but jeff gives in faster) 

 and the cycle continues. 
when they ask for stuff, sometimes they get it.  If they do not ask, the do not get. 
 so might as well ask. there’s no downside to asking. 
so my kids rational, appropriate learned response is to ask all the time.  

i am happy to say, my woodpeckers returned home with dull beaks, but minus any shopping bags.   
jeff and i sat on the porch, enjoyed the last blue moon for a very long time and tried to come up with a plan. 
it is not spoiled kid syndrome yet. but left untreated... it will be.

so for the month of september, we are working on impulse control, appreciating what we have and not asking for material things. 
(myself included)

UPDATE: i just called jeff from work... where are they?
in columbia... buying turtles! with their daddy.
{insert angry face}

Jo said...

The reality of a relationship between child and parent. I love the air horn idea:)

Have fun with your new pet turtles!


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