wheat belly?

a few weeks ago, my friend suggested the best seller “Wheat Belly“. the title and amazon reviews perked my interest, so I ordered it.  only then did i realize it was a diet book. a diet as in the losing weight kind of diet? yeah - it's on the cover, i was thinking along the lines of celiac.

the first thing we had to try was the gluten experiment. because really, what is gluten?
 the experiment was easy (and gross) 

1. make a dough from flour and water 

2. hold the dough under running water and rinse off the flour 
3. what's left is gluten. 
(uugghh, my stomach hurts just watching)

back to the book. i loved the ancient history and stories of the evolution of dwarf wheat. who knew the wheat we now consume is dwarfed :) i enjoyed learning more about how gluten interacts with various body systems.   but the 'losing weight' claims were sounding far fetched. 

 several times i raised an eyebrow. the book contradicted so many things i have learned. when dr. davis claimed that 80ish percent of newly diagnosed celiacs lose weight when they eliminate gluten, both eyebrows raised.  people with celiac disease generally have malabsorption issues.  i know i was malnourished when diagnosed. only as my insides healed was i able to absorb nutrients. 

this claim led me to seek out reviews from the celiac community. 
yes, we have a community. 
and how granola is that! 

one google search later and my eyebrow raising was justified! 
a member of the celiac community picked through and read the studies completely.

i am not doubting the long list of glowing testimonials. but if reading labels, many gluten free processed foods have double/triple the calories.  so wouldn't any diet that eliminates processed, high-sugar wheat products most likely result in weight loss? because you will be left eating mostly meats and vegetables. sounds a lot like the atkins or south beach diet.  after reading, i still believe whole wheat is not unhealthy for the majority. it only contributes to weight gain when people abuse it.  

Jo said...

Thanks for the review! I watch Dr. Davis on a morning show and I'll be honest, he grabbed my attention with what he was sharing. I didn't order his book but it is on my list, of many things, to research. No need now!


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