a funny night

ask me how many loads of laundry i did yesterday... one
and it was towels. the cleaning lady needed them for today.
:( on my to do list ; google a laundry self help book. 

what happens when i ask anna katherine to 
"smile with your eyes?''
she looks like this... 

 a funny anna katherine story i must share.
last night we were watching dancing with the stars. (love that show)  n'sync joey fatone  was dancing to a charlie chapman skit.
anna katherine, a huge anne frank lover, stares at the tv mortified...

"why. would. anyone. dress up like hitler and dance!?! 
that. is. not. funny."

bennett over hears, comes down stairs and stares at the tv, also in disbelief.
"seriously, why would someone do that? it's not funny. 
didn't you go to a concentration camp on your honeymoon?"
(long story, but yes)

ok, hitler and chapman do kind of resemble each other.  but the idea my kids would think a dancing adolph hilter would perform a tango on dancing with the stars had me laughing. my children have no idea who charlie chaplin even is! a silent movie will be in our near future!

one more funny from our dinner table. mary claire has a thing for what if or would you rather questions. it's a ping pong question game that requires a lot of energy! when she starts, especially in the car, i immediately need caffeine:  

"would you rather eat a rat or drink someone's sweat?" neither one. "no if you had to pick, which would you choose?" I guess the sweat. "you would really drink sweat, mom that's soooo gross."   

she thinks of the wackiest what ifs.

tonight's question
if you could adopt a baby, what age would you get? i have all the babies i want.  nooo, if you had to adopt a baby, like someone made you take a baby, what age? newborn.  no, i mean what aaaagge. like roger's age? no brand new. like one year old? no, a few days old. mom, you couldn't do that! the baby would starve,  how would you milk it? ok, i'll take a two year old and a red bull.

how quickly i had forgotten mary claire refers to breast feeding, as milking  :) like milking a cow. 

happy tuesday!

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