boo at the zoo

after some major costume drama, we are set and ready for the halloween week. my girls, well girl now, pour over the costume magazines we receive in the mail. painfully trying to pick their 'most favorite' costume for the year. mary claire finally decided on this. i laughed because she kept calling it 'an exclusive.' no procrastinating if you want your first costume choice :) i ordered the costume from creative baby the first week in october. 

it never arrived. 

in a rush, i would deal with the first missing costume later, i hopped on the internet and reordered from creative home decorations. i added overnight shipping and waited. three days and not an email, phone call, tracking number... nada!  i called, emailed and left numerous messages.  in a nutshell, cutie cowgirl never arrived and creative baby and creative home decorations are the same place! they charged my pay-pal account twice, only to find out they never had the costume in stock. 

five hours before boo at the zoo, this mom was hot! because i hadn't procrastinated and now my cowgirl was costum-less. eight stores....yes, eight stores, three hours and 60 miles later, i managed to combine an adult (hooker-like) cowgirl costume with a black forest fairy. (one child; four halloween costumes now purchased!)  if only i had gotten a courtesy email from creative home decorations or creative baby. it took two claims filed with pay-pal to get a response. yes, i am mentioning their name because poor customer service is a peeve.  

any-whoo.... i'm feeling the excitement! 
i love this time of year! we gathered up the monsters, rounded up my not so hooker-ish cowgirls and let the halloween festivities begin.  boo at the zoo here we come!
i love this time of year! 

 a great big boo for me - i accidentally grabbed a broken camera lens. 
sweet memories, but beware... crummy photo quality. 

 how can a 13 year old trick or treat?
by using a baby of course.
a monster in the photo booth!

awesome start to the halloween season!
next stop... school fall festival.
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