busy, busy

i finally splurged! i've had these puppies in my zappos shopping cart a dozen times. i couldn't bring myself to buy slippers with this price tag until my sister compared hers to  "your favorite sweatshirt for her feet." ok... sold!  i am a huge fan of zappos, i had to return my slippers, warning; they run insanely small! i had a new pair the next morning... incredible customer service!

we have big, big weekend plans. it's mary claire's birthday! and birthdays are a big deal :) cookie cakes are all the rage in the third grade.

the big kids  have their state swim meet in another state. we will be driving to georgia for the SC state meet.  that's just bizarre. add in a wedding, a few sittings, a baby shower, hopefully the pumpkin patch, church... it's going to be fun.

i am horrible at clearing the pictures from my phone! 
here's a few from the past... i don't know... awhile.

i never knew there was a test for this... at the dollar store :)

happy weekend friends!

Clare said...

I have those kippers in glittery pink and I love them. I also love ht you can buy new insoles when they wear out! Also the full sole means in a pinch you can wear them to the grocery store. Not tha I do that :)

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Oh my gosh, that menopause test is so funny! Really. who would have thought? I think it would make a great gag gift! Especially since it's only a dollar...

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