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wednesday night, 9pm sharp, four of the five members of this family were ready, set and glued to the television.  except anna katherine who fell asleep half way, we watched the presidential debate from beginning to end. it was awesome. i love to talk politics, but only with my husband. (my man is a political genius in my book. a person i would fear in a debate.) sometimes i can't resist a couple fb comments, just here and there. other than that... and a few dozen signs in my yard... and stickers on all our cars... and the sketch of my future presidential tattoo... i try to stay mum on politics :) 

but when i came across this, like the fb comment i can't resist, i had to share. of all the stories about the debate, ashley's at lil blue boo is the best! her blog is crafty, her stories seriously hysterical. i love her sense of humor. hop on over and while you are there, read her email inbox posts. you will cry!

 mainly for my mom, i am copying and pasting ashley's questions

Watching the debates last night I kept thinking about what it might be like to be up on a stage in front of so many people….ready to answer questions about ANYTHING.
(and what Romney and Obama would look like if they swapped hair.)
Just a little fun.
Photo via @shelbywhite

Well, by ANYTHING, I mean economy, education, healthcare, foreign policy…..but I couldn’t help but daydream about these questions. The ones that I’d be prepared to answer….
The Great Craft Debates via
Mr. President, how do you plan to halt the rampant overuse of stolen paint chips from hardware stores?

Governor Romney, how do you handle when someone doesn’t link back with credit to one of your tutorials?

President Obama, let’s talk about transparency. Do you prefer Scotch or 3M?

Governor Romney, do you prefer to craft with glitter or spray paint?

Mr. President, could you respond to Governor Romney’s stance that “Subway Art” really isn’t subway art unless it’s monochrome?

Governor Romney, you implied that the pumpkin bread recipe you found on Pinterest was worse than Dodd-Frank. Could you clarify that?

Mr. President, have you ever considered chalkboard paint for the oval office?

Governor Romney, is it true you’d consider revamping the Lincoln bedroom with chevron?

Mr. President, could you elaborate on the idea that the trickle-down effect of Elmer’s Glue is essential to DIY?

Governor Romney, what is your stance on gun control given the recent scandal of glue gun smuggling into Mexico?

Mr. President, do you think you could pass a “no crayon left behind” law? Just so we could have more recycled crayon crafts?

Governor Romney, would you recommend making a statue of Big Bird out of toilet paper rolls or feather boas?

Mr. President, how often do you use Pinterest for inspiration?

Governor Romney, do you prefer a mixture of 47% flour when making paper mache?

Mr. President, will the individual mandate penalty of Obamacraft cost more than, say, a bottle of Mod Podge?

and finally…..
Governor Romney, why do you think there is so much red washi tape in Washington?

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