guilty as charged

hello monday, hello october, good-bye busy weekend? i passed exhaustion sometime sunday afternoon. homecoming, out of town swim meet, big wedding, sunday school, work-work-work, small groups, cooking, cleaning, halloween decorating, unloading, unpacking, packing, washing, a few hours of sleep and kissing my husband good-bye for a few days... my brain has been in overdrive since friday. 

 monday, thank goodness you are here!

this rainy monday morning, i am daydreaming of a workday filled with pumpkin coffee, my favorite morning talk shows, beth moore reading on my porch swing, exercising as long as i want to, maybe a nap, maybe a trip to target... but i know good all to well - this fantasy workday won't happen. 

because i have guilt issues.  if i laze around on a weekday, even after working the entire weekend,  i feel guilty. really guilty.

 because when i am not busy, i feel guilty. 
when i am not stressed, i feel guilty.

in reality my monday will go something like this... 

coffee while listening to my talk shows and checking email. exercising while listening to beth moore.  showering while daydreaming of target online. a few diet dr. peppers.  i will edit a wedding while talking to customers, my husband and my sister...
 then busy-ness with the family begins. which is the highlight of my busy day.

and in between all of this, i will do laundry. 

i will do laundry! 
i will do laundry.

i will do laundry! 
i will do laundry!

it's truei never feel guilty about not doing laundry.  

and i will greet october and end this monday with clean underwear for everyone. 
maybe stressed. and definitely one step closer to complete crazy.

 but guilt free :) 

because that's how many of us working moms roll...
i had to tie in these random bicycle pictures some how :)
happy monday to all!
may it be guilt free :)

Brantley said...

I can totally relate to this!! I'm always giving myself guilt trips!! BTW you are a fabulous multi tasker!

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