happy halloween

 this will be 'halloween part 1' 
because celebrating halloween only one day is for the birds! 

we start our halloween morning with traditional pumpkin pancakes. i sprinkle them with candy corn.
three pieces to be exact  :)
 we believe spook day should begin on a sugar high... our goal is to reach complete sugar-catosis by 3pm. 

i'm not a colector of many things... old cameras and seasonal picture frames is really it. 

i add two or three frames every year. 
i display them all around the house. 
here's a few.

our school fall festival is a halloween highlight.
this was the first year in a long time we haven't entered the pumpkin decorating contest. 
costume contest
three cheers for you crafty, creative parents who go whole hog into homemade halloween costumes

anne marie as lady gaga

anna katherine worked the game booths... 

bennett dressed up like this...

and worked the haunted maze. 
 he had the most fun.
bennett and anna katherine have been enjoying halloween times with friends. ak had an 8th grade costume party and apparently no one took a single picture (???). i snapped a quick one before she huffed out the door. (i made her tone down the sexy cowgirl - geesh!)

bennett had a blast at the sumter FCA halloween party. these following pictures are courtesy of bennett's facebook wall.
to be continued :)

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