i heart nice people!

good monday morning from a lover of monday mornings!

this is the time of year when blogging time becomes a little more limited. but alls good. because it's also the time of year i get to spend with some of the sweetest families ever! this past weekend, was jammed packed with families i love! a couple families i haven't seen since high school, one i have been photographing for 14 years and new sweets  i met for the first time. 

and while most families i meet, i love... some make that little impression that makes you want to share them with all your photographer friends. (no, not really)  it's families with  kids who are bubbling with personality, spunky and cute!  mothers beautiful inside and out. husbands who roll with the flow for a solid hour, smile and do whatever it takes because they love their wife... and they forgive when you forget to make that early morning call into God asking Him to shut off the wind for the day.  muah

editing a family session when i adore you... keeps a smile on my face. really!  i sit at my computer in my warm slippers, diet pepsi, dog at my feet, usually in my glasses with the tv in the background ~  smiling :) reallycrazy how much i love my job!

i heart nice people!   

and here's one of them that makes that little impression.
sweet with a capital S!

isn't she so stinkin cute!

DawnW said...

Heidi! I heart you!! These look great and I can't wait to see the rest! You do such good work and we had a great time on Saturday!! thank you!!

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