it's a birthday party

we struggle every year with mary claire and where she will have her birthday party. we live a town away from her school, which makes it difficult to combine church friends, cousins and classmates into a party that works for everyone.  i drool over the  idea of a simple backyard party ...  this year she chose to stay in school town and have her party at the craft store. it was nice, fun and simple.

mary claire loves art and loves american girl dolls. 
 michael's offers american girl themed craft parties. 

the third grade had been on a field trip earlier that day. 
i loved that many of the girls were still wearing their field trip shirts.

such a sweet-sweet group of girls!

 mary claire's birthday tree.
the cupcakes were decorated by her friends!

ellie's opera version of happy birthday

 jeff teaches the girls how to make horrible sounds with balloons!

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