miss helen wien

we got home late, it was church directory picture time... i haven't laughed so hard in forever. i must share a story about the life touch photographer later and his insane skills of getting kids to smile. i wanted desperately to shoot a quick video, but thought that would be rude. not making fun... but this guys was you tube material for sure! meeee-yoooowwww! for all my church friends... get the photographer with the stuffed kitty cat. anyway, all dressed up for three shots on a blue background. at least we all looked really happy. meee-yooow! 

we checked the mail late and look what was in our mailbox!
another 'chicken of the month' from our favorite friend kelly.
my girls started clapping, 
"yeah... open it, open it. this is better than christmas!"

i knew better.
 the last chicken of the month was a naughty chicken!
kelly never, ever disappoints!
 a ghost chicken.... 
 with her deviled egg!
 and here she is in all her glory!

 thanks kelly!

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