monster overload

the heidi graves ultimate halloween award goes to...
{drum roll please}
 my sister! 
for dressing all of her children in matching costumes.
four kids in matching costumes. i have to say it to believe it.
{insert major envy}
never, ever could i get the halloween matching thing to work. i tried especially hard with bennett and anna katherine, being three years apart... it would have been the cutest scrapbook page ever. yeah, that's how my mind works.

i daydreamed about the halloween matching idea for four or five years. 

one year i had a precious little red riding hood. bennett cried when told he would have to wear a wolf mask. i had the cutest homemade raggedy ann costume...  bennett at age 6 and the size of a fifth grader in a raggedy andy costume... daddy vetoed that one. one year anna katherine was snow white... bennett? boy wouldn't have passed for a dwarf at birth. 
i never got that scrapbook page. i gave up by the time mary claire was born. by that time anna katherine had grown sassy. bennett was eight and practically shaving. but i tried - hard. 

 so kudos to my sister for making it work.
 the smoak monsters were working the scary cute factor!

 i think i've mentioned these kids are as challenging to photograph as my own. my tricks don't work. i end up bribing with junk food and money.

love this one of evie

 i saved evie for last.
 my heart stops when i soak in this little monster.
she melts my heart!

The 1st of May said...

Love Love Love! The third one up from the bottom is my is one little monster looking like she's afraid of another bigger monster!

jen said...

Oh my word. . . . cute does not even come close to describing these pics!
I must admit, I too, tried for years to get my little ones in matching Halloween outfits or at least some kind of theme. I did have a few good runs at it when they were really small, but it seems once they stared talking, they somehow had their own opinions. Go figure! Anyhow, I just gave up. HA!
Love your new family photo at the top. Beautiful!

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