my baby turns 9 today.
nine. it's hard to believe. we have plans for real birthday pictures next week, but for today mom raked through the photo archives. 
as we celebrate her birthday, today’s blog is for her.  

she is the child who fills our world with laughter. she loves with every fiber of her being and has the heart of gold. she is the life of our party and a light to the world. her strong will and different way of looking at the world challenge us regularly, but our lives would not be nearly as interesting without her. we were blessed nine years ago when she was born. 

 this is my prayer for her for the coming year.
i pray:
you grow physicially, emotionally and spiritually.
you face any obstacles with strength and courage.
you learn to be content.
you find joy in all circumstances.
you will always know that home is a place where you are loved — no matter what.
you choose friends who will build you up and help you grow.
you never lose the fiery spirit God gave you.
you will never hesitate to dust yourself off and get back in the fight when the world knocks you down.
you show compassion and love to others.
you rely on God for wisdom and strength.
you continue to  love without hesitation.

you build others up with your words and that others would not tear you down with theirs.
you will have plenty of time to bask in the innocence of childhood.
you will always know you are a fearfully and wonderfully made.
you will never doubt you are loved.
i love you.

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