i get asked this question a lot...
"how do you get your kids to pose for so many pictures"

 are you kidding me? 
my kids are picture taking pros.
as in 

i could hire out these good looking, perfectly behaved, always spit shined children for their rad modeling skills.

so you know i am completely joking right?!

photographing my own children is a whole other ballpark.  i rarely  carry my work camera or use my work lens when out and about. so please don't judge my photography on this blog... hop over here and feel free to judge :) my kiddos are not always as angelic as they appear.  hard to believe i know, but they are not.

  i compare my children posing for pictures like grown-ups paying taxes... it's not a choice.  an occasional 10 minutes of cooperation in exchange for food, shelter and unconditional love... is not asking much. now smile!

 a little trick that works with big kids.... 

i tell them with a slightly crazy look in my eye: 

"i am going to get a good picture of you. understand?  i have all the time in the world. if you want to spend all day in front of the camera... so be it. if you cooperate, it's over in 5 minutes. the choice is yours."

my kids soon figured it was much easier  to perform and get it over with.

 here's a behind the scenes example. this was spur of the moment, shot with my D7000 and kit lens.  jeff was behind me trying to help. not really, he was winding them up like springs..

and then it happens.

 and mom is happy.

 mom might even ask for a volunteer to take the parent's picture.
they have mad photography skills too :)

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