Tuesday, October 30, 2012

you had me at MEOW

tonight, around the dinner table, the funny guys were re-enacting our church directory photo shoot. our photographer was skilled! with all due respect, getting a 'real' smile from children is hard. i know. i saw myself on video once, trying to make a baby smile... i hung my head in shame and promised myself i would, from then on, use an indoor/semi-grown up voice.

but, this man could get a real smile from anyone! anyone! he could  get father-in-law to belly laugh.  i love my father in law, but he will never ever smile for the camera. i would bet the bank henry would leave with tears streaming down him face... or leg.

here's bennett re-enacting our photo shoot.... 
all of the dialogue was for reals!

you had me at MEOW


The 1st of May said...

OMG! I'm HOWLING right now! Hilarious! "Cuddle up y'all!"

Amy Keltner said...

The boy aint right! :)

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