a happy birthday to my niece liza... sweet to the core! 
 party time friday!
a prayer for her aunt pammy.
she left monday for a two week tour of israel.
praise the Lord for a cease fire.
 the funniest picture of 2012 goes to.... 
my sister and stephen and their killer photo-bomb.
we need not wonder why so many kids.

yes, my child is responsible for this masterpiece.

{a few instagrams}

fish for sale in rubbermaids.
this really bothers mary claire. 
"does walmart pop the seal and feed these guys?"
or is the expiration date really an expiration date?

 i found this odd sticker on a paper stand.

i-seriously-do-not-see-the-appeal of steamed boogers oysters..

 tree decorating night included a hallmark movie and hot soup. 
(anna katherine noticed hallmark movies always begin with a missing parent and end with romance)
 noooo....not baby Jesus.
from the nativity set my mother painted years ago.
we can't find the head to re-glue :(

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