lots of sarah anne this week. 
this little firecracker turned six.
if you are new here, she's mine... 
not really, but she should be. 
she legally belongs to my sister  :)

there's a-lotta personality crammed into that pint sized body. 
she's sweet and spunky and sassy and so sweet!
the leader of the any pack.

she remembers details like an elephant. 
she is either on - or - off.  
and is so thoughtful!

and girlfriend poses for pictures 
see, she's mine! 

i sure love that blonde firecracker! 

 i love this one too!
we share inside jokes :) 
 her birthday party was celebrated at the colonial cup. 
my sister did a great job herding 15 cats girls all over.

 jenny, my sister's bff!
the sweetest couple!

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