thankgiving project

this year our family thanksgiving project isn't a grand art project. not that my art projects are always grand... 

but i always have grand art plans :)  

our project this thanksgiving is to 
grow in our thankfulness.

we will make an extra effort to acknowledge all the good things in our life. 

we will give more thanks to God and take more time to show others our appreciation. 

we will show gratitude and appreciation for all things that God has given to us.

my kids have been raised to say "thank you," but so often it comes out automatically without really thinking about how grateful and appreciative they are. 

all the ways that people serve and give to us are gifts... 
not rights. 

so my grand plans for this month is to be overflowing with true gratitude... and create a habit.

 our life is a gift, our health and all we have. 

we will talk about our daily gratitude attitude around the dinner table.

the pictures are from our fall trip to skytop orchards in north carolina. 

glorious, just glorious!

have i told you lately how in love i am with this baby?
the family mold was created and broken with this angel.

 we enjoyed the day with my sister's family... our favorite family in the whole wide world! stephen and sarah anne disappeared for some daddy / daughter time on the hayride... they didn't let me tag along with my camera :)

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