Friday, November 16, 2012

this week:

  • anna katherine received a varsity letter in swimming. bennett added a pin.
  • our school's athletic banquet lasts half of a day.
  • bennett missed school with strep throat for the third time this year. my kids now avoid water fountains like they are little debbie's. i'm skilled at scare tactics :) even though i really blame the water fountains.
  • mary claire has been sad. her best friend will be moving to hawaii in a few weeks.
  • the weather has finally turned cold. 
  • i must get my treadmill fixed. it stops 30 minutes in. and when i say stop, i mean stop... it abruptly turns off, slamming you into the bars. funny, but not funny.
  • mary claire found the cutest shoes. for $20!
  • i ordered  these. and returned them out of buyers remorse (at the time, they were not on sale) and thankfully they fit weird.

  •  i have been a baking fool!
  • learned that when a recipe calls for 'coffee grounds', that means the used soft ones... not new crunchy ones.
  • reorganized my recipe book like the mom's at 71 toes. she's awesome.
  • we continue to re-paint the trim in our house. it' never ending... but due to being  'careless' with a paintbrush , i have been forbidden to touch oil based paint. works for me.

  •  fussed about this. i mean really!

  •  i am working a lot. 
  • seriously, i love photographing children!
  • i am reminded daily that i have the sweetest customers ever.
  • except maybe one... i got insulted by a gentleman. you see his 'other photographer' was of a very high caliber. he was just coming to me for something quick.' ouch!  well, that's gonna cost ya ;) some people feel that a product is of a higher caliber just because the  price tag is higher. crazy. but now this gentleman can boast that he has two high caliber photographers $$$
  • kelly had a field day with this story! 

  •  we are slowly getting into the christmas mindset.
  • christmas decorations in our small town went up.
  • i purchased a christmas gift. this is major if you know my christmas eve shopping ways.
  • googling aches and pains scares the dickens out if me.
  • my husband bought another guitar. guitar gluttony, i am almost sure is a sin. 

  •  received our church directory free 8x10... even though it cost $45.   MEOW!
  • anna katherine had her birthday money stolen right out of the envelope... right out of the mailbox.
  • my extended family is begging my mom not to make all of the thanksgiving dinner gluten free. sweet, thoughtful, funny and just plain wrong. mom, please don't :)

  •  received the sweetest, most thoughtful gift... from the sweetest most thoughtful girl. thank you angela! you made my day and i devoured these babies.

  • family plans for the weekend include; duck hunting, painting, the colonial cup, painting, sleep overs, hopefully taking our christmas card picture and our family thanksgiving with the graves. it's going to be a good one!

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