turkey in disguise

turkey in disguise

for our family (and so many others), “helping” with a school project can be a slippery slope. helping doesn't mean "doing." slippery, slippery slope. it's crazy to walk the halls of class projects, beautiful displays, intricate handiwork, seismic computer simulations... it can be annoying. sadly, this was one reason we opted out of the parent/child pumpkin contest. 

so here’s the policy in our house: the parents (us) will buy any necessary materials, maybe even advise on which materials might work best or make suggestions. but that’s it. for turkey in disguise, we brainstormed and talked about this for days. when it came time to start, we guided  but made sure that mary claire took ownership of the task. it can be sooo tempting to jump in :) i admit, i do a lot of hovering (i'm working on that)

she chose her teacher as the disguise... 
because she loves, loves her teacher!
my friend texted me a picture for the mask. 
mary claire designed the clothes... 
her teacher loves a snuggie!

the project spanned over a couple days.
i eventually did have to take over all of the hot gluing... our glue gun ended up in the trash because is was so scorching hot!

she was in love and so proud of her turkey!  
The 1st of May said...

We have the same policy here. Believe me, it is rare! It will pay off in the long run with the responsibility and confidence they learn from doing their own work though!!!

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