christmas (take two)

our christmas was merry! it's amazing how fast christmas comes and goes when you are a grown up. this year, even the kids agreed it came and went entirely too fast. i was proud of myself in the fact i took 'more' personal christmas pictures than ever... but still not nearly enough. 

here's a peek at our christmas eve... and a little bit of christmas day. the 'few' pictures i took christmas morning are on another camera.

christmas eve began with a little more baking. a few pound cakes. i couldn't find my mom's tried and true 5 flavor pound cake recipe (and i think it is actually on this blog somewhere) so i tried paula deen's 'mamma's pound cake.' good but not nearly as good as my mom's. i burned the first two... forgetting to bring down the cook time because my cakes were minis.
 kelly was in town. she called and wanted to do a little last minute shopping. which of course i still had gifts to buy! it was raining and the traffic was dreadful... but who wold pass up kelly time even if it is in a car!
 right before the christmas eve service.... i remembered we had been out of animal food for one (maybe two) days. a last minute trip to wal-mart completed in record time while my family waited for me on the front pew of church.
 a favorite part of christmas.
our christmas eve service.
such an incredible blessing!
 jeff sang mary's prayer.
 he's just a my blessing!

 i arrived home to my very own gluten free pecan pie.
a gift from amy and gail... 
my family inhaled the first one before i had a single bite.

a tradition after the christmas eve service....
new pj's and our kiddos open the gifts for each other.

our girls couldn't wait to give daddy two of their neat finds.

 christmas morning and afternoon happens right here.... but later on another post ;)

it was off to my husband's hometown. it's only 45 minutes away and it has always been a highlight.
my kids adore their two cousins, david and ryan.

my sister in law and her beautiful bows.

buddy, our elf, sent her an ornament.

my nephew enjoying a pound of reese's cups.... 

can you believe i have eaten three of these all by myself.

the 'kids' table is always super loud!
and the gift exchange is super fun!
i have been blessed with a fabulous family on both sides!

to be continued....

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