elf pressure

good grief.... the pressure!

last year our family had such a great time with buddy, our elf on the shelf, that this year the bar was set high in the eyes of my youngest. as buddy's stunts got crazier, mary claire's excitement grew. december mornings were greeted with an excited little girl in search of the elf. i loved to watch her when she first finds him. she sits and stares... soaking it all in.

after 25+ days of mischief last year... this year was going to be more difficult. but thanks to my big kids and their ideas, my own demented mind and fellow bloggers, so far so good.

{here's a peek at buddy's mischief}

like mary claire, buddy is obviously a cat person.
 he's had it out for poor charlie.

the cat made me do it!
 this one might not be kid appropriate, mary claire only saw a portion.but admit, it's pretty funny.... raawr

(i was reminded i have a neighbor that is a bonafied cougar hunter)
a little midnight, gluten free, cupcake making... elf sized. 
elf potty training 
my sister in law is an elf on the shelf hater.
never knew there was such a thing! 
who could hate that adorable elf face.

more from buddy later...

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