IT'S SANTA! i know him!

every christmas, i feel like i fall under the slackest photographer ever category! with my own family. at the end of december, my personal christmas picture folder is usually weak. i feel it is because i take so many 'work' pictures around christmas time, i'm too pooped to pick up a camera when i don't have to. this year, i've promised myself i would at least try and do better. it's only december 10, but i'll start by bombarding my blog with parade pictures. 

last weekend, i got a heaping dose of christmas festivities.  just what i needed! i had entire saturday off and i wanted every minute to be christmas to the max! 

saturday morning was the annual christmas parade. this parade  has been the same exact parade for.... since i can remember. the only difference this year was benett wasn't there. he was duck hunting. :(

sweet girls!

is this a southern thing? or do the shriner's everywhere do this? just wondering.
they're awesome!

 my sweet little GA
 our town is home to a military academy. 
these boys would make any mother proud!
and the candy...
this year wal-mart was really giving back to our community. 
they were throwing handfuls of chocolate the good candy!
 i'm thinking holding baby evie was a tactical plan to get more candy.
 candy the poor baby can't even eat!
 and when i caught a glimpse of santa being led by a herd of wal-mart elves (seriously) see the buggies.
i was feeling like buddy on the movie elf.


i do. i know santa! 
it's glen, he sings in our church choir! can you image how well behaved the children of first baptist are during the month of december? sitting perfectly still and amazingly quiet.
because santa is in the choir loft.... 
watching their every move!
sure wish glen could stay in character year round!

 it's such a blessing to live in this town!

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