did you know there's an old wives tale  about washing clothes on new years day? i don't believe in superstitions, but can't bring myself to break this one. google it and you may agree.

but my family.... seem to have a similar superstition about washing clothes ALL year long. because they try to avoid it at every cost. while putting away christmas decorations, i found myself stressed beyond belief with the loads and loads of laundry that lay in wait. just for me. "i am so behind in the laundry." if i started now, it would take me days... and then there would be a new mound waiting. my people are all big people, with big sized cloths. my piles are big!

i am so behind in the laundry!

then it hit me... an oprah winfrey a-ha moment. i realized something totally new. I am so behind in the laundry???  no.  my children (and one sweet husband) are so behind in their laundry. so i devised  an evil a plan... one that could get ten loads of laundry done quickly and maybe gain a little mom appreciation in the process.

{the laundromat}

oohhh yes! send my kids and that one sweet husband packing... to the laundromatwith just their very own clothes... on a friday night.
 i announced bright and early friday morning. cancel your plans, scrounge up your quarters, anyone above the age of ten with dirty clothes is going to laundromat. 

my 14 year old almost melted down. no way was she doing that. yeah right, if your clothes are not washed, folded and hanging neatly in your closet by 4pm... oh yes you are.  guess who took her mother 100% for reals and had this done by 3pm?

so that left my guys. (my eight year old isn't held entirely responsible for her laundry yet...) i had my sweet fellas a goodie basket and rolled quarters waiting.

remember we live in a small town. we have two, maybe three laundromats. and they are not the cool fancy ones you see photographed on pintrest. we have the bonafide retro kind located in the hood! and after dark... i'm guessing there may be live entertainment.

my son had never experienced the laundromat in his entire life... i love trying new things! he had a date, so i promised to pick up his daddy when the clothes were in their final stage... and bring my camera to document his new experience. 
so there they were.... after dark, in the heart of the hood... surrounded by some interesting people, washing their nine loads of clothes.
my husband really is the best sport ever! who also has a cwp ;) 
and i'll spare my fourteen year old the details of how hot i told her daddy he looked while folding his clothes ;)
insert a mary claire raaawr!

my smallest guy... was like grease lightening washing, folding and carting clothes to the car. he had a date.
plus his mom in her slippers, with a camera didn't help matters... or maybe they did.

i spied a selection of novels in the windowsill. next time, maybe i'll bring all of my laundry and read one while i wait ;) i'm hoping there will not be a next time. and if there is, i won't be there.

a resolution for 2013...
"I" will no longer be (that) behind in the laundry.
my 14 year old is scarred to pieces.
Cheryl said...

YOU, my friend, are one fabulous mom!!!

Charles and Angela McCall said...


The 1st of May said...


marlowe said...

I love it!

Brantley said...

This is hilarious!! I love it!

My laundramat experience...growing up on the farm, when the horse blankets needed washing, we took them to the laundramat (my mother refused to let us wash them in her machine).

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