before and after

while my husband was away, i texted him this picture from our youth trip. 

he texted me this:

"love the picture. YOU look really good."

 i knew exactly what he was really saying.

he didn't mean I looked good. 
what he was really saying was, 
wow, that's some great retouching
"why didn't you airbrush me,too?"
i laughed, because i did. airbrushed us both...
 same strength. 

i would show you the before and after... 
but i'm not that transparent ;)
Cheryl said...

You do look so lovely, but I have to say, your guy is pretty darn handsome!!!
Do you use Lightroom or Photoshop when you edit? I use Lightroom, but am thinking about purchasing Photoshop. It's a big investment, so I am really giving it a lot of thought.....

Tara said...

I think what he was trying to say is he's a lucky husband...those of us who know you in person know you're just as pretty in real life!

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