birthday kind of weekend

 bennett's birthday started off early saturday morning. he was scheduled to take the SAT. poor fella, had to eat his birthday pancakes a day late! right after he left, i crawled back into bed. sometime between 6am and 7am i had a dream. the kind of dream that is so vivid and real. i dreamed i had a baby boy. he was wearing a blue terrycloth sleeper, the kind with feet and smelled heavenly. we were at a picnic with strangers -- in the mountains. everyone there was trying to hold my baby.  and i was panicking! someone was going to take my baby. steal him away.  the same desperate feeling i had during those few days of postpartum depression. dreams are crazy, because i was screaming no like a wild woman, squeezing him, holding him tight. because if i let this baby go, he will be gone forever.  (no dream interpreter needed.) i woke up with an overwhelming feeling of sadness about how quickly time passes. no one knew, but my heart ached for most of the day.
after the SAT the day was full swing birthday;  facebook wishes were dinging,  grandparents calling, a precious letter arrived from the smoaks, his sisters bombarded him with silly string, decorated the house and made our favorite birthday cake. (cake recipe... so good)  then it was off to the y with his buddies to try out new scuba gear. i begged to tag along for pictures... but that was a swift no!

mary claire's birthday letter and coin kept us laughing all day!

one of bennett's best friend's sister and his sister's good friend 
(follow that?)
shares his birthday! and we saw her on their birthday.

one more surprise... because last sunday there was a fire and what's a sunday at our house without the threat of suffocation? :) 

a little background: after a couple scares running, i decided to start carrying a pepper spray gun. bennett researched a good one.  i now am convinced this gun is a great one that lives up to all it's hype.
  •  it is capable of incapacitating the assailant for up to 45 minutes 
  •  it will leave a room uninhabitable up to 3-6 hours
  •  and  the red gel it shoots will eat through paint 

yep. all true!

 we know this because mary claire decided to try it out.
 in bennett's room. 

and when i say my son is the keeper of random knowledge, this is what i mean;
bennett immediately knew the recipe to remove the sting from the air. 
"son, how and why do you know this? are you planning to get peppered sprayed?" 
i'm sticking to it's because he loves to read.

mary claire, being a good sister, kept guard outside her brother's room, helping any way she could.

between the coughing and tearing, jeff and i reminded each other that we are so blessed! 
i just wish time would slow down... even a little.

Cheryl said...

Again, this is hysterical. I do love vicariously living your adventures with you.

marlowe said...

my comments continually bounce back to me but here goes ... I've laughed all morning about the pepper spray .. and the boy that knows the rememdy.

And I love the letter. I think I'll start giving out tokens for stuff that doesn't involve money or cleaning too :)

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