happy birthday bennett

dear bennett,
seventeen years ago you came into my life and changed it so totally that I cannot image it without you. you fill my days with every emotion possible :) but most of all you fill each day with your presence, your ever changing humor,  you are always on my mind and in my heart.
it is so hard to watch you grow up. each year i have watched you change and you are showing all the characteristics and character of a fine southern gentleman. people always tell me how charming and funny you are, how you are filled with humility and how interesting you are to talk to -- i love to hear these compliments -- but i can also see them for myself. there are many minutes, hours, days, when you are a very difficult teenager to live with -- but that is to be expected, you are mine :) and sometimes i am difficult. 
you have wonderful character. that i value and respect. your daddy and i often comment that you are a better person than we are.  you are an astounding and confusing mix of willingness to try new things and fear of failing at nothing. your eagerness to travel to the depths of the ocean astound me! (worry me) but we have always called you a living action figure. i love that you enjoy volunteering in the community. the joy you have in helping others, from our youth group to the fire department, warms my heart! you are almost instinctive in ‘people skills.’ you are insanely intelligent and honest to the core. our old soul.
 you make this a better place for yourself and those who love you. and we always will. happy birthday my sweet boy!
love Mom

Cheryl said...

Such a handsome young man.I love reading about your family.Mine are now adults....but I will always be their momma. It can be so hard to see our children grow to the adults they are going to be. To allow them to make the decisions and sometimes mistakes to allow them to grow. Being here to guide them in the right direction is not as easy as some make it look!!!! Congratulations Mom and Dad!
Happy Birthday Bennett.

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