high tea

lately mary claire has been all about a tea party. after santa delivered her coveted white tea set, tea invitations have been flying out of her bedroom!  every family member, every animal living and stuffed are always invited. 

so when the keltner girls invited us for real grown up high tea... the timing could not have been more perfect.  laura's tea room  in ridgeway, sc was out of this world!  

'a real tea party.'  

for one hour our little girls had a chance to pretend they were ladies in fancy hats with pinkies up, dining with real fancy china, on breathtaking food and ordering from an extensive tea list.  amy and i (for a few minutes) pretended we were, about 30 years younger enjoying tea with our baby dolls;)

picking our own fancy tea cup

even though i had to pass on the scones... (i heard they were to die for)
be still my heart, because their chilled apple bisque is now on my list of all time favorite foods!
a tower of sweet goodness!

we were feeling 30 years younger until we spied ourselves in pictures ;)
thank you laura's tea room... we will be back!
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