like wild fire

i have a new appreciation for the term "spreads like wildfire" because yesterday we experienced just that. 
{a wild fire} 
it's a day that will be burned into our memory.

  it started as a grass fire. being a bright windy day, the fire came within 20 feet of our side door. in only minutes our house was filled with smoke and for a moment crippling us with fear. 
the girls, jeff and myself had come home after sunday school. ten minutes later, we noticed smoke, then fire in the neighboring field. 

our house would not be standing if we had not been home to call 911. 
it took only ten minutes for the fire department to arrive. minutes that seemed to stretch on forever. jeff attempted a fire breach with his tractor. i sprayed the trees with the water hose and as the flames inched closer, anna katherine made another call to 911. and my girls, they were hysterical. bennett had gone to worship service. several firefighters were in the service when the call came in. someone passed bennett a note saying, "your house is on fire."  being a volunteer fire fighter so he left too.

after the firefighters arrived and i calmed the girls (and myself), i grabbed my camera.
the antioch and charlotte thompson firefighters were incredible!
i wish i could call them all by name in appreciation.
we are so grateful!

pretty neat bennett was able to fight his first fire at his own house!

thank you Lord for hearing our prayers. 
thank you for delivering our family. 
thank you for the fire fighters. 
thank you for watching over and protecting us. 

The 1st of May said...

SO scary! Glad you are all safe and sound!

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