my house and everything inside smells as if a family of chain smokers live here.
and my car with it's brand new carpet smells worse.
 i haven't mentioned my guy surprised with carpet for christmas.
new carpet for my car {???} who knew you could re-carpet your car.
and for half of a day, it smelled like a new car.
now it smells like an ashtray.

after our fire scare, i promised jeff i wouldn't roll my eyes when he insisted on getting a burn permit for large bonfires.

we did have another small scare. the firefighters used a bulldozer to create a fire break right beside our house. mary claire thought this new unearthed dirt trench was coolest thing ever. 

during her explorations, she came running to tell us she found the coolest tunnel. 
"it has walls. and stairs."
 so we took a look.

it was an open well.
no stairs, but another open well.
this one much larger than the first.

pearing down with a flashlight made my blood run cold. approximately 30 feet deep. {gasp} and it is the second one we have found. jeff has been out of town the entire week, so as of now it remains open with a make shift cover until he can refill it with dirt.  again, thank God for keeping my children safe.

we are heading out of town for the weekend with the big kids. and honey and papa gene are heading to our house with a carload of little ones. charlie will be thrilled! we are chaperoning our church ski trip. it's such an awesome adventure! last year it was freezing cold! even with layers upon layers, i remember being cold for like four days. but this year... the forecast is a little different. {insert iced tears) we are headed into snow, freezing rain and icy-er temperatures... 


one a funnier note, i shared this on facebook: our bank called today. they cancelled our debit cards. seems there were 4 questionable charges in Nebraska. all four charges were to an adult escort service. one charge for $40, one for $24 and two for $14. 

four charges? on the same day? 
i would love to know the service rendered for $14 ;)

have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

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