my new vitamix

well it's not reallyvitamix.  
but i did get a new blender. 
$15 clearance at the wal-mart!
 and on a good day, it blends almost 75% of the ice!
and occasionally it doesn't sound like an airplane coming in for landing. but only occasionally.
and from a distance, without my contacts, in a dim room... it looks just like a vitamix
 anyway, my clearance find is serving the purpose.
and i am loving the lean shakes from gnc.
here's a few of my favorite smoothie combos.

1 frozen banana 
chocolate protein powder packet 
1 Tbsp low fat peanut butter 
heaping spoon full fat free cottage cheese (my sister's suggestion and she has a vitamix)
spoon oatmeal
1 tsp cinnamon
skim milk and ice

this is the groovy green smoothie, tweeked by me.
1 frozen banana 
vanilla protein powder packet 
cored apple
spoon full of oatmeal
fat free greek yougart

rumor has it,  vitamixs are sitting on the shelves of costc.

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