pizza and a diet

with the start of the new year, every year, losing holiday pounds is high on the resolution list! diet 2013 - not going as planned!  during the holidays, if it's gluten free, i can eat it. when i'm in the mood for late night snack, i whip up a batch of gluten free cookies... and i can cook a mean, gooey, irresistible, stick to your hips chocolate chip oatmeal cookie! which translates into an extra 500+ calories right before bedtime! and i wonder why i need a stick of butter to slip into my jeans? it's not rocket science.  holidays and dieting; i'm not going to be a scrooge! so i resolve to get back into my jeans starting january 1... january 2... january 5. what's today's date?  it's just replacing oatmeal cookies with celery makes me mean. 

last week, i decided to give these guys a try. the reviews look promising, the taste isn't so bad (except strawberry, which is disgusting)  if i only had a vitamix. i think these protein smoothies would instantly button my pants. wink, wink, smile, smile  ... a certain handsome gentleman is not hearing my hints!

for now i'll enjoy watching my delicious baby niece talking her poppy into feeding her pizza! i may use her to talk her uncle jeff into a new blender. who could say no to that face!?

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