simple resolutions

making new year’s resolutions is a family tradition. this year, our resolutions were laminated! guess who got a personal laminator for christmas ? in 2013, i resolve to wrap my world in laminating film ;)

 we did make some real resolutions. they were about plans, goals, things my kids would like to achieve, places they would like to go... and putting them in writing.  this year i found a neat printable to get the kids started. they didn’t want their personal sheets shared on the internet... so i laminated them and placed the in the keep drawer :)

then i summarized the answers, laminated those guys and got my craft on... stringing up a waving reminder in the kitchen. 

when the heat comes on, they wave in the wind ;) 
not planned, but amusing!

my personal resolution is one word this year... simplify. project clean out began in the graves home a couple days after christmas. it was eye opening as we cleaned out space after space. the goodwill pile grew to an unimaginable size. a pile so large, it left me with a feeling of shame. not shame because i'm possibly an organized hoarder ;), because i do not want childhoods all about stuff. and this pile of gently used things screamed that two parents are failing in the stuff department.

serious changes for 2013
this year will be full of simple goodness. 
i promise. 

in the midst our revelation, a friend was raving about a fantastic parenting book...mitten strings from God. sally was dog-earing every other page... and i am a sucker for a good parenting book. God's timing is perfect. i didn't know it, but all of my new year’s resolutions lie within the pages of this book.  

reflections for mothers in a hurry 
this book puts into words all of the thoughts I have had over the years. her basic premise is slowing down and being simple. listening more closely, looking more carefully and simply reaping the wondrous benefits of the people we created.  not showering our children with gifts and gadgets, packing their schedules to the brim, but giving them the amazing gift of a simple childhood... a simple, God centered childhood with parents who are completely present. what a blessing this simple year will be! i'm considering laminating the entire book and wallpapering the kitchen... except it's on my kindle ;) 

to be continued...

The 1st of May said...

I agree! Looking forward to a SIMPLE 2013 year myself! We are cutting like CRAZY in so many areas!

So glad you love the book as much as I did...I knew you would, we are kindred spirits! :)

Tara said...

Who's resolution was Disney World & how can I get in on that???

Tara said...

I just re-read my comment...I guess that should be "whose" not "who's"...I'm a math person, not an English person...

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