“Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right.” 
Proverbs 20:11

first baptist camden's winter retreat was a huge success. snowbird was great! what an awesome youth camp! i was overly prepared for the cold temperatures. i wasn't prepared to arrive home to a very sick little girl, a husband having to leave for the week and then succumbing to the bug myself. it's thursday and praise God mary claire is finally off to school. my bags are still packed, the laundry is sky high, but i am so thankful my body is not begging to crawl back into bed. and jeff comes home tonight!

we got a late start because bennett could not miss chemistry class. plan b was for him to ride up with us... which was very unpopular, the bus ride is half of the fun! thankfully the bus waited and we were left to follow the bus alone.  somewhere along the way we got ahead or behind the bus... not sure which because jeff and i spent two hours lost in the dark mountains. note to self: when using the gps on your cellphone and you do not have cell service... you also do not have a gps!

 the next three days were filed with fellowship, worship and bonding... 

my  roommates
awesome group of leaders!
moments between managing the children, it felt like a women's retreat.
love these ladies!

one day is a ski day.
last year i came home with hundreds of pictures, but few of my own children. 

we have been stressing to my big kids the importance of being a Godly role model for the younger youth. bennett spent time on the bunny slope helping others... before disappearing to the black diamond.

again, the camp was fabulous! if your on my side of the world and looking for a camp for your youth group, check out  snowbird

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