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we are big fans of contemporary christian music. so i was thrilled to hear that one of my favorite songs won best gospel/contemporary christian music performance and best contemporary christian music song at the grammy's. 
that's a lot of writing on a couple little trophies :)

if you haven't heard this song, i encourage you to take a few minutes and soak in the lyrics. it blesses me every time i hear it! it's the song we shout, "turn it up, turn it up!" in the car, as my alarm clock, on my ipod, it's filled to the brim with praise and gratitude for our creator! during our youth retreat, the morning worship service began with this song. i fell deeper and deeper in love with it's lyrics.  returning home, the first verse was still playing in my mind every morning. sitting in my dark kitchen, minutes from waking my family, waiting for the sun to come up, sipping my coffee,  praying over our day... "i'm ready to sing Your song again. whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me... let me be singing when the evening comes."
except i don't sing it out load, because even the cats scatter at the sound of my singing voice. and they are outside cats.

i love a good start to my day! i just finished this book by one of my favorite authors. oh, and it's a good one! i loved the chapter that stresses the importance of "inviting God to be in charge of your day." and doing so as early as possible.  making a list of concerns and bringing them before the Lord.  my list is sometimes usually long, but guaranteed to be on there is: guidance, patience, kindness, thoughtfulness, grace and accomplishment... and patience :)

i came across this great free chalkboard printable here
i am printing the first verse for my kitchen!

next up on my reading list... a freebie from amazon!

The Heart of Abundance: A Simple Guide to Appreciating and Enjoying Life 

  free kindle version download, 
i would love to know what you think!

The 1st of May said...

That's one of our favs too! There is nothing quite like Christian songs being belted out in the car.

That one aspect of my day brings me SUCH peace.

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