40 something!

41 wasn't nearly as stinging as the big 4-0. my day was as close to perfect as a birthday can get. i'm pretty sure it rained for 24 hours; the makings of a perfect low key, lazy, cozy day. many years ago, before children, jeff forgot my birthday. it scared the poor fella forever. since then, he goes overboard on birthdays. he took the day off,  after the kids were off to school we slept in, met my mother for lunch, did some antique / home goods shopping and ended the day with a movie night... with my four favorite people... perfect! 

anna katherine made a delicious gluten free  red velvet  (four layer) birthday cake. that's milk chocolate on top.

mary claire greeted me at 6am with gf birthday pancakes. she couldn't reach the candles so she used matches. 
too adorable/memorable not to photograph! 

i finally got a v-i-t-a-m-i-x!
 ~ woo-hoo ~ 
i spent part of the weekend baking and figuring out this fancy blender.  hilarious that the video refers to vitamix owners as a community... and using them a way of life. personally i loved the word 'horsepower' :) i can't wait to try fresh peanut butter! 

skimpy on the birthday pictures. the rain and promise that i could pick the movie had me eager to get in my pajamas!  
100+ happy birthday facebooks messages, phone calls, emails and happy mail... really makes you feel special. thank you!

the keltner girls sent over a slice of their creativity. who can compete? a beautiful monogrammed scarf, which anna katherine also loved!

and this cool play dough! 
when i finish soothing my creative beast... i can eat it!
{it's gluten free... and smells delicious}
homemade gifts... love!

mary claire bombarded her mother with cards. 
bennett, knowing my relationship with car keys, made  a beautiful key holder in ceramic class. 
yes, he takes ceramics, loves it and has an A+.
anna katherine, whose love language is gifts, is known for her incredibly thoughtful presents. i will cherish this forever! i read the 41 reasons i'm loved at least a dozen times. 

and i'm framing this one!
(i'm always right)

41... i know you're going to be great!

Cheryl said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It looks as though you had a wonderful day!
Let me know how you like your vitamix. I just got one... one attempt at good health. (I haven't used it yet!)
Have a lovely one!!

DawnW said...

Happy belated Birthday Heidi!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!!

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