bask in thanksgiving

i interrupt this blog to share some earth rattling news... in the teen world anyway. anna katherine had her cell phone taken away at school for two weeks.  (i loved the way she stressed two weeks) it was partly my fault. i texted her 10 minutes before dismissal with a carpool change. it dinged in her gym bag and school policy is all phones must be turned off. obviously hers was not and a rule is a rule. after class a couple kids said, "anna katherine, you shouldn't have said it was yours, she never would have known!"  but she did, rightfully so and accepted the consequences.

who knew a confiscated cell phone could bring such a parenting blessing. day later we received this note:

be still my heart.  
this is it! 
and it's certified in writing.

one of those rare blissful parenting moments when we experience a twinge of success. i had forgotten how they feel!

"no area of your life can make you feel more like a success when everything is going well. 
no area of your life can make you feel more like a failure when things go wrong."

 when raising two teenagers, the moments of parenting failure seem to fly at you with record force. so when an opportunity comes along (even ever so briefly), when we see fruits of our labor... we will bask in thanksgiving
 for prayers being answered!

now if i could only get a teeny tiny letter, a post it note would do, concerning math achievement...
 that would be divine. 

Cheryl said...

I can only smile...

DawnW said...

Wow, what a great letter. I know that means so much to you! And what a great kid!!

The 1st of May said...

How KIND of her to write that note! That kind of thoughtfulness is so rare these days...Yet, as you have written, it can mean SO much.

Kudos to Kimberly AND Kudos to YOU!

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